Customer Feedback

Hogan Agencies Reference

…I have been bringing large groups (40-50 people) to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap since 2010, and these groups need a lot of logistics and transportation planning! Chanthol and Inside Out Travel have been very helpful with their services. Our transportation arrangements are very complex — we include tuk-tuks, cars, vans and buses within the same trip, and people coming in and leaving on different days — and Chanthol somehow manages to keep on top of everything and keeps our schedules and arrangements straight, sometimes even when we forget! Their drivers are always on time, very careful and very safe — we have done two night trips between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and I never felt unsafe or worried during the entire time! I would recommend their services to anybody without hesitation.

Grace Ngai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Karen Genzink Reference

“When I need to hire a van for guests visiting our organization in Phnom Penh from overseas, I always call Chanthol at Inside Out Travel because she is so easy to communicate with and the van service is always reliable and safe. Chanthol always goes above and beyond to make her customers feel valued and taken care of. Inside Out has been a blessing to do business with!”

Karen Genzink

Mike Johnson Reference

“I went to Cambodia in late September/early October of 2009 and the Inside Out Travel van service met us at the airport and were at our disposal for most of our trip. We had many meetings to attend and a very busy schedule and we were glad to have a company that we knew would take care of us. The driver was friendly, helpful, and had a great knowledge of the city. I highly recommend this company to any visiting group.”

Mike Johnson

Rodney Howell Reference

“The service from Inside Out Travel was excellent! Our driver was prompt, friendly, and helpful in every way for our group of first-time visitors to Cambodia. We highly recommend Inside Out.”

Rodney Howell, Dallas, Texas

IJM Reference

“Chanthorn was a wonderful driver for us. He was always on time, very friendly, and drove very carefully and safely. We enjoyed his help during the busy schedule.”

Laura Clawson, Field Office Intern, IJM, Cambodia