Translator / Interpreter Price List

Working Day 8hours/day
Basic Word Per day $15/ person
Bible Word Per day $25/ person
Technical Word/ day $45/person
Technical Word province/day $50/person
SMS or call Sokheang on +855 23 6506196 | 92 732154 | 17 996904

Valued Customer Promotion

Please be informed of our new “Valued Customer “promotion. Be locally based (ie. Live and work in Cambodia at least 3months) If you use our service a minimum 5 times in a month you can apply for a Valued Customer Card that will give you the Special discounted (up to 20% off) price for using our tuk-tuk. Call Sokheang for details on Valued Customer travel rates.

Vehicle Monthly Hire Prices

Toyota Camary $600 per month with driver, exclude gasoline.

Toyota Camary $450 per month without driver.

Toyota Highlander and Lexus $900 per month with driver, exclude gasoline.

Mini Van 12 seats $700 per month with driver, but not gasoline.

Mini Van 12 seats $600 per month without driver.

Mini Van 15 seats $850 per month with driver, exclude gasoline.

Mini Van 15 seats $750 per month without driver.

Tuk tuk $60 per month with driver and gasoline (round trip).

Tuk-tuk $250 per month with driver and gasoline for whole day ride from Monday-Saturday.

Tuk-tuk $350 per month with driver and gasoline for unlimited ride (Phnom Penh only).

SMS or call Sokheang on +855 23 6506196 | 92 732154 | 17 996904

Discount Hotel Reservations

    For all our recommended hotels Inside Out Travel has negotiated preferential booking rates for our customers.

    So we can offer you a lower price than the standard rates offered by the hotels


Vieng Chan

Translator Vieng ChanI am viengchan Sek, Medical Student. I have an extensive experience in medical routine and interpreter. During my several mission with medical team, i was a part of medical training which provided health care to the http://people. For instant, i did really enjoy it. From 2000 to 2005 I worked as a nurse and interpreter at the Cooperative Service Internation (CSI) Clinic. Also during 2003 to 2004 I worked with the NGO Kamma. I’m currently work as a Medical Interpreter.

Please feel free to contact me for future information

Your respectfully,

Sek Viengchan


Hello I’m Im chhaydan or Danny boy I was born on the 01st of October in 1985 at the border between Khmer and Thai. My friends asked me do I speak Thai I said I have no idea with Thai language anyway, I have three brothers and no sister I am the youngest in my family lucky one ha ha ha, but my Mom doesn‘t love me more then my brother. Right now I am studying at Build Bright University major of English Literature. when I finish school I want to be professional Interpreter. I has become an interpreter for the team since 2007. I remember I am a volunteer, I was so scare that was my first time. After that time the team leader was asked me again, hey! Dan would you like to try again for the next team? I said: I would love too then he chose me again from that time it made me feel comfortable more and more.

Normally I went with medical team to the province it is a nice job and fun I like it a lot I had known new people ad learn about different cultures and help me to grow my English.

In the same time I am a tuk tuk a driver, I drive during the day and in the evening I am going to school, I like my school and also my classmate their are nice and friendly to me. we work in team when teacher gave us a homework. We work in the team and always help each other.

Your truly,

Chhaydan Im

Chanthol Hoes

Translator chantholHi everyone, thanks for taking of you value time to read my brief background. I’m Chanthol. I come from Kompong thom province north of Phnom Penh, 3 hours ride by taxi to my hometown. I have 8 siblings and I was the 4th child in my family.

I was graduated from college in July 2010 major of Finance and Accounting. I have experience an interpreter since 2008 until now. I used to be an interpreter for Healing Home Organization base on bible words and interpreter for several of mission medical team. At the moment I am working as a Business Manager for Inside Out Cambodia and sometime I do hosting team and act as interpreter for Tourist. I am really enjoy to be an interpreter and I love to do it very much. Hope all visitor that check this website will keep me in mind in case you need an interpreter while you are here in Cambodia.

Your respectfully,

Chanthol Hoes

Bora Kun

This is Bora. I am a midwife student at Water of Life organization. I finished my nursing school about two years a go. I also finished English literature in 2006 at AEU university.

I am a Khmer and English language tutor on out school time. I also an interpreter for about three years since July 2007 for Partners In Progress organization. Most my translation for this NGO is with medical team and health education.

Bunthorn Yand

Translator BunthornMy name Bunthorn I was born in 1985, Kandal (Cambodia). I finished high school in 2005. And in 2005-2006 I had been completed learning English training course at the University of Cambodia. Then I had worked as a teacher of English for one year at The Asian School. And then I worked with the broker company for 5 months. After I went to study at New Life Fellowship. And I had been working with the Tour Guide Youth for one year ( seemlier to tour company). I have been working as an Interpreter for one year and a half. I am single (secret).