Hello I’m Im chhaydan or Danny boy I was born on the 01st of October in 1985 at the border between Khmer and Thai. My friends asked me do I speak Thai I said I have no idea with Thai language anyway, I have three brothers and no sister I am the youngest in my family lucky one ha ha ha, but my Mom doesn‘t love me more then my brother. Right now I am studying at Build Bright University major of English Literature. when I finish school I want to be professional Interpreter. I has become an interpreter for the team since 2007. I remember I am a volunteer, I was so scare that was my first time. After that time the team leader was asked me again, hey! Dan would you like to try again for the next team? I said: I would love too then he chose me again from that time it made me feel comfortable more and more.

Normally I went with medical team to the province it is a nice job and fun I like it a lot I had known new people ad learn about different cultures and help me to grow my English.

In the same time I am a tuk tuk a driver, I drive during the day and in the evening I am going to school, I like my school and also my classmate their are nice and friendly to me. we work in team when teacher gave us a homework. We work in the team and always help each other.

Your truly,

Chhaydan Im